Road Tests

Tesla Model X


thumbs upIt's a 4X4 EV SUV, stunning heave, seven seat option, serene ride and silence

thumbs downThose silly rear doors, some cabin quality issues, not that roomy in the rear

Should You?

The world’s first four-wheel drive EV is another chunk of cleverness from Tesla. 2,500 litres of load space plus six and seven seat options make this an EV for everyman. The 303-mile range is very usable and performance electrifying with the X 90D good for a sixty sprint in 4.8 secs (or 3.2 with the Ludicrous performance upgrade) and 155 top speed.  Familiar 17-inch touch screen controls everything and the ride quality is perfect for motorway cruising.  Entry-level 75D costs £72,280 but by the time you’ve specced the 90D you could be nearer £100k – and the X 100D comes in at over £117k.  This is top drawer Range Rover money so you’ll need to be a hard-core EV fancier to take such a big hit. Wonderfully smooth and captivating and the world’s fastest accelerating SUV by a hefty margin.

My Charging Life

Like all Teslas it’s simply to charge using the Supercharger network and around 30 mins is all it takes to restore the range. Use of the network used to be free but Tesla are now levying a small charge but claim ‘it won’t be a profit centre’. 

The Downsides

Apart from the strong price only the ‘Falcon’ gullwing rear doors may irritate.  They take a while to open and close and trusting them is an act of faith that takes time. Some of the early cars had cheap interior plastics and there’s been a recall in the US for door hinges. No UK cars will be affected though.  Oh and don’t expect this SUV to do what a Range Rover does – because it won’t. 


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