Road Tests

Mahindra e20


thumbs upPint-sized city warrior that can squeeze anywhere, tiny turning circle, top model has lots of standard kit

thumbs downExpensive, not pretty, only 63 mph, don't venture near a motorway

Should You?

Indian-built 43 bhp G-Wiz replacement that’s safer and more refined (just). Mahindra don’t pretend the e20 is anything but a city car but claim its compact dimensions and taxi-beating turning circle make it perfect for going where other cars can’t. Basic City model cost £12,995 (after Plug-In Grant) and Tech X is £15,995 but comes with air con, touchscreen, sat nav, reversing camera, heated leather seats and even WiFi. Top speed is only 63 mph and 0-50mph takes a glacial 17 seconds. Body panels are pre-coloured plastic that ‘bounce back’ after impacts. Fine for city trundling but long journeys may end in tears. A Renault Zoe makes much more sense.

My Charging Life

Small 15.5 kWh battery is half-the-size of a Nissan Leaf power pack but means fast charging only takes 90 mins. Normal home wall socket takes nine hours. Feasible range is between 60 and 80 miles but you’ll get around 60 in normal driving. Software has clever ‘revive’ setting to give emergency eight miles to get you to the nearest charging point. 

The Downsides

Many other more capable EV choices out there and high price is a big turn off. Given the questionable looks, limited performance and range we’d look elsewhere. 


For town-bound G-Wiz enthusiasts only.