Road Tests

Citroen C-Zero


thumbs upMake great used EV bargains, sharp and brisk to drive, decent room, good for 90 mph, sounds like a little jet

thumbs downWeird looks, heating and demisting will frustrate you, range drops to 50 miles in cold weather. Some people may laugh.

Should You?

Mitsubishi/PSA group collaboration that makes a fine town EV or second car. Surprisingly roomy four seater with big doors, under-floor batteries, lively performance, small turning circle and easy home charging. Only small trim differences separate the three nameplates but all are well-built, ridiculously cheap to own and disarmingly sweet to drive. Real world range in mixed driving 70 miles per charge but have fun or do motorways and range will fall to 50 miles. No battery degradation issues yet and owner reports are positive. Not available new now and used prices getting tempting with 11 plate 20,000 mile cars down to less than £5k.  Best used for town toddling. The perfect budget used EV for London driving.

My Charging Life

Standard socket plus fast charge and long lead make these easy to recharge. Home charging on normal three-pin wall plug takes six hours, three hours with charging box and 30 mins to 80% on fast charger. Top up charging for two hours gives extra 30 miles. Only very careful driving will get you manufacturer figure of 80 miles but use clever auto to coast down hills and you’ll hit 100 miles.  We didn’t tell you that though….

The Downsides

Poor de-misting unless you use standard air-con and heater not brilliant. Boot on the small side and controls hap-hazard. Don’t pay top money as prices on the wane. Lots of ex-lease and demo cars in system putting pressure on values. 


A well proven EV urban runabout with no serious battery or reliability issues. Well engineered and a hoot to drive. EV experts rate them highly.