Scottish Enterprise Welcomes Launch of New EV Journey Planner

16 August 2017

An electric vehicle journey planner that aims to help more motorists make the switch to EVs, by eliminating range anxiety is now live.

The MyRouteMonkey web application enables drivers to accurately plan trips in their electric cars and vans. Combining real-world data on vehicle range with the locations of suitable charge points, MyRouteMonkey removes motorists’ concerns about running out of battery power. The company is providing a basic version as a web app for EV drivers, while also commercialising a more advanced solution aimed at fleets.

Livingston-based route optimisation specialist Route Monkey, which is part of the Trakm8 Group, developed the dedicated EV journey planner. Scottish Enterprise provided R&D grant funding of £285,451 towards the overall project cost of £749,931.

Michael Cannon, Head of Innovation Grants and Open Innovation at Scottish Enterprise said: “Route Monkey is creating an innovative product that meets a strong and growing customer need.  With the help of our R&D grant, we’re supporting this technology development to take place in Scotland and supporting Route Monkey to achieve its growth ambitions.”

MyRouteMonkey aims to banish the phenomenon of range anxiety by optimising routes for electric cars. The software is particularly useful for planning longer journeys, as it calculates the complete route and recharging schedule in a matter of seconds – far quicker than manually planning a route.

The driver logs in via a web portal and inputs their start point, destination, and type of EV into MyRouteMonkey. The software then calculates the best route and provides instructions on when, where and how long to stop, in order to recharge the battery. Uniquely, motorists can even specify how much battery charge they want their vehicle to retain at the end of the journey, ensuring they don’t get caught short before their next trip.

Motoring commentator and EV advocate Quentin Willson said: “Having so much charging point data in the palm of your hand is a huge step forward for EV drivers. MyRouteMonkey shows you it all on your smartphone - the exact location, cost, plug types, supplier and power level. It makes range anxiety a thing of the past.”

Colin Ferguson, Managing Director of Trakm8 Group Fleet and Optimisation, said: “MyRouteMonkey builds on our award-winning work to help fleets make the switch to EVs. Thanks to the support of Scottish Enterprise, we are now exploring a range of global opportunities to commercialise this technology for fleets.

The standard version of the software is now available to use via the Route Monkey website,