Geneva Motor Show: Toyota I-Trill concept EV

08 March 2017

Toyota has hinted at its solution for the future of urban transport with the I-Trill concept EV, unveiled yesterday at the Geneva Motor Show. 

This smart tilting, three-seat, three-wheel vehicle with super car-style butterfly doors blends the best attributes of a small city car and a maxi scooter. 

Powered by electric motors, it boasts a range in excess of 124 miles and is controlled by a games console-style control pad with a futuristic heads up display.

Toyota has patented the active lean system that it says will make this and its future urban EVs more agile and efficient. 

The Japanese company says the concept is designed with 30-50 year old metropolitan females in mind, who often travel on their own with children. 

It would certainly be an impressive way to do the school run, should a production vehicle similar to the I-Trill ever make it to market.