Europe's Best-Selling EVs

These are the top-selling EVs across Europe. Choose any of these ten and you’ll have a great EV.

1. Renault Zoe 

 A little poppet to drive and amazingly refined and capable. Get a Zoe that can be rapid charged and you’ll love its feeling of cut and thrust urban mischief. New model Zoe now has a 250 mile range. A used one makes the best buy of all.

2. Nissan Leaf  

The EV that made EVs mainstream. Deservedly popular with no serious reliability or battery issues reported. Strong Nissan build quality and highly regarded among the EV community. If you want a 100-mile commuting EV that looks and drives just like a normal car yet costs buttons to run – this is the one.

3. Tesla Model S 

Stonking heave, room for everybody, totally usable, oozes brilliance. The Model S changed global attitudes to electric cars and made them sexy and aspirational. It’s the most practical and entertaining EV in the world by a monster margin.    

4. VW E-Golf 

Conventional look and feel makes the e-Golf as practical as a Nissan Leaf but with a premium feels to cabin and drive train. A great effort from VW with classy ambience and solid build. Look for a used low mileage example to avoid all that painful first year depreciation.

5. BMW i3 

The most accomplished Fiesta-sized EV in the world and bristling with good ideas. Hugely clever, a joy to drive, world-class technology and disarmingly friendly. Quite simply the best small EV money can buy – new or used.

6. Kia Soul EV 

Proving very popular now and all that standard equipment actually makes the Soul good value despite the high list price. Long warranty and usual Kia fine build quality. We’re very impressed.

7. Mercedes B250e 

MB’s first mainstream EV is a cracker with delicate steering and cosseting ride. Lovely driver, voluminous cabin, better than petrol or diesel B Class. One of the nicest driving EVs we know. Stunningly good.

8. VW E-UP! 

Fine EV supermini, fun, swift and special. Disarmingly enjoyable to drive and feels faster than its 12 second 0-60 time and 80 mph top speed suggests. One of our favourite small EVs and makes a fab buy secondhand.

9. Peugeot iOn

Cheeky, quick and handles like a kart. Really fun to drive and lots of standard kit. Good for 90 mph and real world range of 75 miles. Big cabin and room for four. Used prices down to four grand now. One of our favourites.

10. Citroen C-Zero 

Same as the Peugeot but with a different bonnet badge. We’ve done 7,000 miles in one of these and loved every mile. And it was totally reliable with no issues at all. The last service cost us £48! We think the C-Zero makes the perfect first used EV. We’d like ours back please….